Database of published chromosome numbers and ploidy-level estimates of the tribe Alysseae is presented, together with the revised generic concept and the list of accepted names and their synonyms, to reflect the most recent taxonomic and phylogenetic studies in Alysseae. The tribe encompasses 24 genera and 277 species. Chromosome numbers and/or ploidy levels are known for 171 out of 297 recognised taxa. Of these, 95 (55.6%) taxa are diploids, 43 (25.1%) are polyploids, and 33 (19.3%) involve both diploids and polyploids. The most common base chromosome number in the tribe is x = 8 and less frequent is x = 7. The highest variation in base chromosome numbers (x = 7, 8, 11, 15) is found in the genus Hormathophylla. The database will be continuously updated.

Technical solution

The production version of entire project is deployed on a server that runs Debian Linux 2.6, "lenny" distribution. The database platform used is PostgreSQL 8.3. The web server installation is Apache 2.2 HTTP with support of PHP. Client side uses CakePHP framework with HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript with the usage of jQuery 1.10 and jQueryUI 1.11 libraries. Visualisation of geographic data is done by Google Maps API v3.

Tribe Alysseae

Alysseae DC. is the third largest tribe of the family Brassicaceae (Cruciferae). Its native range is Eurasia and North Africa, and the centre of its greatest diversity is the Mediterranean and Irano-Turanian regions. Members of the Alysseae are annual or perennial herbs or subshrubs morphologically characterized by having stellate trichomes, yellow or white (rarely pink) petals, appendaged filaments, and latiseptate or terete (rarely angustiseptate) few-seeded silicles.